Inaccessibility Trend: Individual Twitter Pages

About two months ago, we enabled Herdict users to report on individual Web pages, rather than just top-level sites (e.g., “” vs. “”). Since then, we’ve noticed a trickling of reports on individual inaccessible Twitter pages, in China, Bahrain and Tunisia. The latest spate of inaccessible reports have been confirmed by the owners of some […]

Herdict Launches Discussion Board…Join Us!

This week, Herdict is proud to announce the latest addition to its bundle of fantastic tools…the Herdict Discussion Board (a.k.a.  Herdict Commons). Herdict Commons aims to serve as a haven for discussions that go beyond the comments section of the Herdict Reporter; as a place to answer the “what” and “why” of an inaccessible report. […]

Is Twitter Down? Maybe Herdict Knows!

This morning, a flood of Herdict reports rushed in, telling us that Twitter was inaccessible in the United States.  Of course, Twitter addicts that we are, we already knew, and some of us had already checked the Twitter-specific test site,, for answers. Although the site provides a quick answer as to whether or not […]

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