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The Herdict Team

Core Team

Prof. Jonathan Zittrain
Ryan Budish, Director
Mike King, Technical Manager
David Wong (pod consulting)
Jeffrey Licht (pod consulting)
Mia Moran (emtype)
Alicia Solow-Niederman

Additional Key Contributors

Prof. John Palfrey
Rob Faris
Amar Ashar
Yazan Badran
Leonard Chien
Daniel Collis-Puro
Sebastian Diaz
Rebekah Heacock
Daniel Jones
Amin Sabeti
Rebecca Tabasky

Past Herdict Team Members

Vandana Aneja
Mykal Cave
Kiel Downey
Tim Hwang
Lexie Koss
Matt Lavigueur
Liana Leahy
Laura Miyakawa
Dharmishta Rood
Elizabeth Stark
Sally Walkerman
Max Weinstein
C. Wilkinson
Jillian C. York
Seth Young