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  • Test Sites

    On this page you can browse and test sets of sites that need your help. In the middle column is the Herdict list and our partner’s lists. The Herdict list is a set of sites that we dynamically generate from sites that are important to us, important to people in your country, very popular, or in need of new reports.

    Below the Herdict list are lists created by several partner organizations. These include: Electronic Frontier Foundation, OpenNet Initiative, Reporters Without Borders, Global Voices, Amnesty International, and Twitter. These are all organizations committed to the free flow of information, and they need your help. By testing the sites that these organizations care about, you are helping these organizations and supporting a more transparent Internet. We are looking to add more partners in the coming months.

    Help Other Users

    In the right column is a selection of lists that other Herdict users have created. Each list contains sites that particular user cares about and would like help from the “Herd” in testing. In many cases, users have identified specific countries that they are interested in, and we try to match those lists with visitors from those countries.

    Start Testing

    To begin testing a list, click the big orange “Test” button for any list. If you want to learn more about a list, you can expand the list or view statistics about the list.

Herdict and Partner Lists

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